Three Little Pigs vs The Wolf App Reviews

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Great until the 13th page

This would be an awesome app, but it keeps crashing on the 13th page when the wolf goes to the first little pig’s house. Please fix this! Until then, I can’t give this app anymore than 2 stars.


Great story book but the app keeps crashing halfway through.

Fun Interactive Read!

My 2 yo grandson was really enjoying this! We are having a problem with it crashing after scene 13, however. I deleted and reinstalled; iOS 11.2. Didn’t help. Also (this is such a grandma question) where is the mic on the iPad? To blow like the wolf? Any advice appreciated. Giving 4 stars because we haven’t made it all the way through to the end yet, but anticipate I’ll be updating to a 5!

Fun book

Fun book with lot of activities. Recommend highly for toddlers.

My sons favorite book

My 2 year 2 month old son has fallen in love with this book. It's read every nap and night time. In a few short weeks he's figured out how to do the little house puzzles, which is amazing and requires a level of dexterity I did not think he'd have for a while to come. Another great feature is the ability to have it play narrated, or turn off narration and let me read it to him. That makes it feel less like watching a video and more like sharing a book! I am dismayed to see you've only done this one book... I was hoping to "stock my shelves" with more of these. Please create more of them with this great level of quality!


My son could spend an hour with this cute fairy tale! Wonderful animation, music and a really decent quality! Best of the best!

Loved this!

My 3 year old and I loved this app. Cute interactive story and fun for us both. Hope to see more stories from you soon!

Fake Reviews - Decent App

First, every single review I have read here is a paid / fake review. So presumably my review will be the first honest one. The app is good. It's cute and funny, though the sound mix is a bit off (too loud) in places. My three small boys laugh at it on the rare occasions all three of them agree to sit together and play it. The best thing for us is that I can read the three little pigs, and reinforce the story with this game / app (I think it's more of an interactive book app than a game - so no idea what some reviewers are talking about) To the developer. Nice app - ditch the fake reviews - as a parent it scares me off because fake reviews = someone willing to lie or make excuses for misrepresenting themselves to me or my children. So how can I trust my kids with your app?

A well made app

I like the story and the app is great. I highly recommend it.

Amazing application

This application brings for me a feeling when I was a child. I am experienced the Three Little Pigs tale with a special way, many cute pictures, funny sounds. So great.

Very interesting and attractive

I downloaded this app for my daughter. However, not only kids but also I like this. It has cute pictures and interesting sounds so that it is very attractive.

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